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Author Topic: I use to get mad about this shit  (Read 60 times)


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I use to get mad about this shit
« on: September 02, 2020, 03:26:36 PM »

Which Version of mut coins madden 21 Will You Get

I have seen a lot of articles about trying to"boycott" Madden NFL 21, due to the inability to fix the game modes, and maintaining the same attributes the past 3 or so Maddens. I myself will purchase Madden and fine MUT, not to the use of spending cash but the pleasure of grinding to build the best team possible. I began late this year in November or so, and loved the mill; this was my first time playing MUT so I said why notmight also try it and I LOVED it. I tell you when I started beginning of the year I didn't know shit about the way the power worked, how places functioned, etc..

Nah the match is plus Im hooked to mut so that I dont buy it every year. I started mut a week or 2 before and got the game a few months, so the time ended up being pretty good. Its gon na impact my life 15, if I purchase the game. Not buying as of now, if I do it'll be a franchise/ non competitive. Honestly the trailer gave no indication to me that it's gonna be even much better. Half the trailer was reused animations from this year. I can't play with another year of mut like this one. I played with 18 and skipped 19 because for same motive. Does anyone know whether you can import rosters from other users like you can in NCAA? I would like to do a franchise and put in in the UL cards from mut. I really don't wish to devote a couple hrs in the creation center but if I have to I will(just ht wt and stats).

Probably gonna get downvoted but hey. I'm going with the mvp edition. I wish to get the thoughts start. Pretty much everyone in this sub gets loyalty reward for 10% off so I'm only spending 90 bucks. Since if Lamar is auctioanble 150k at the start plus of the team that is golden packs in my opinion it's worth it. Also an easy way for to see the brand new animations. It will be cool to have the head start considering I really don't know when I will begin school. Yes I will purchase it I shall Purchase the most expensive version unless the freebies look less than desired and we'll see where it goes from there

Typically I purchase the very best version and some packs day one(largely for the initial coin boost) then put low play a few draft get used to the new mechanics and construct my coins through October and move all in at thanksgiving spend a lot of cash (by ton I mean like $500 or less) from thanksgiving through super bowl then lay low and try to live off of everything I have built for the most part unless something I truly want instantly or something LTD goes into packs and ride out the season.

Who deserve a better overall rating in Madden NFL 21

I use to get mad about this shit. Market players get small and overrated market players become underrated. I remember one year the Cowboys were trash and they were a 86 team in Madden lmao. Eagles and the cowboys are rated higher than everyone but bucs, saints, the 49ers, and ravens. Somehow two teams which finished last season 8-8 and 9-7 respectively are far greater than the Chiefs and Titans.With EA being the only ones that can make NFL games, they do not need to buy Madden nfl 21 coins modify anything. However, the truth is, every single position in the game demands ability sets and its programming.