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Author Topic: You listed five reasons  (Read 51 times)


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You listed five reasons
« on: September 02, 2020, 02:59:21 PM »

Not really, nobody in their right mind believe current wow classic gold raid difficulty is vanilla such as. Even if the numbers are correct. This might be an issue with AQ and Naxx because we had practically the exact same equipment and abilities we do in WOW Classic but Molten Core and BWL suffered exceptionally hard from utilizing the original numbers with 1.12 talents and itemization. I explained your solutions contradict each other (create the raids harder, but consumables cheaper).

I do concur that content is easy and should be buffed. I had been a hardliner on No Changes, and frankly I have to say I regret it. Now I am only raid logging till TBC comes out. The matter isI had high hopes for WOW Classic and has been sort of let down, and I feel the same thing could happen with TBC unless they lighten up and handle WOW Classic. How should it be managed by them? Just as I didn't understand how bad WOW Classic was going to function as I do not have the foresight to see how bad TBC will be. That is left to people.

You listed five reasons why"spell batching is destroying PVP", yet you show very little comprehension of how it functions. We can go through each of your examples point. While this is brought on by spell batching, you have to understand that even modern retail WoW has charm batching. It is just that the spell batching window (i.e. the period of how frequently spells are processed server-side) is reduced greatly. In WOW Classic we've got a charm batching window of 400 ms, as it had been in Vanilla. As long as any kind of spell batching is present (which it pretty much needs to) moves like this are possible.

WoW has a spell queue window for your keypresses, meaning that you can get your earth jolt to cast at the exact time as the lightning bolt cast finishes, so even if the spell batching window was 1 ms you'd be able to acquire lighting bolt and earth shock through in the exact same batch, together with both profiting from Elemental Mastery. Same as above. This has been a core part of all mage gameplay for several years of early WoW, it's strange that suddenly pvp's being ruined by buy classic wow gold.