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Author Topic: I don't think it will be  (Read 68 times)


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I don't think it will be
« on: September 02, 2020, 12:50:11 PM »

We get a free tele. Lock it behind a quest or structure requirement I do not mind. We begin developing useful PoH fixtures that are real but rather than gather materials - click - finish. Each piece of furniture acts like the rework spend some time slowly constructing this glossy piece of furniture with a massive xp fall once it is eventually completed by you. You can space RuneScape gold out so there are 3-4 distinct homes you could wind up with from the time you get to 99. You can build a house or a small PvM hub or a chill hangout zone. Perhaps a trophy cabinet.

Inventors workbench, flea channel, herb patch, fishing pit, boss portal, bonfire, adrenaline crystal, lender chest etc.. Or content like a portal required to get a new slayer monster/quest. I really like it when they release content that has a sizable periodic xp drop such as soul runecrafting, arch or anachronia agility course. Even better if by the end of the construction ability you have something tangible and significant that will assist out your head rather than the rubble out of 24k prawnbrokers. The Retreat of war should have been a POH update change my mind. Everyone could be teleporting in their boss room that is instanced to their personal POH to their instanced boss room. War's you have to find players and there people chillin' out and talking.

Should they make it 120, that's alright. However they will need to increase the ability to make it. A PoV would keep very similar XP levels for each item currently in Runescape game, so it isn't like they need to do an entire rework of the ability, as you'll be building the same thing in numerous homes, rather than add/remove/add/eliminate the same item, in the exact same place, 100s of occasions.

As a PoV would need residents, you could make construction have some payout, as you act as the landlord to every house in the village; you also get more money for how nicely furnished the homes are, and the occupants would have more troubles which would decrease your rent; e.g. busted pipe, damaged roof, etc.. Would Jagex add something? Who knows. Maybe. But I would not hold out for it, as it's a huge change, and using a construction training method that isn't an item/gold sink, might not be anything they want to add. Because I haven't been a fan of the 120 content for some of the abilities so far I speak in skepticism.

I don't think it will be. There are many abilities systems in Runescape that have been outgrown by Runescape itself and they appear to be trying to address that aggressively. By way of example, in hindsight, abilities such as fletching and firemaking should likely have been aspects of a different ability, rather than a skill of their own, however at the time RS began, MMOs weren't nearly as entirely conceptualized. Dependent on the development course they are on, I expect that we will see comparable skill/combat combo reworks such as the mining-smithing/melee transformation they nailed (no pun intended:P).

Shifting crafting and construction seems like the ideal way to top off these reworks. Trying to place them before the other reworks would like wind up in a not as developed end merchandise. It's great to see the OSRS platform obtaining some needed refinements into the ability. Now, however, they appear to buy OSRS gold be on another, divergent path from RS3. I think that's a good thing for everyone.