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Author Topic: Thailand Elite Residency Visa  (Read 53 times)


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Thailand Elite Residency Visa
« on: June 25, 2020, 06:44:13 PM »

Unfolding the Benefits of Thailand Elite Residency Visa- an Exciting Plan for Foreigners

The Thailand Elite Residency Visa is an enduring privilege visa program, managed by The Thailand Privilege Card Company Limited (TPC). This visa enables one to stay for a maximum of 20 years in Thailand and guarantees other privilege services and VIP benefits. It was initiated in 2003, to draw the interest of the international citizen, having a high living standard. This visa focuses on the people who want to spend more time on Thai soil, by taking and utilize its favorable tax regime.

Foreigners who want to taste the benefits of Thailand's elite residence visa can join the Thailand elite since it is one most exceptional programs proposed by TPC. Thai Elite Express is one of the leading Visa Consultancy Service providers in Bangkok, whom you can contact for guidance.

Most popular Programmes of Thailand Elite Residency Visa

Elite Ultimate Privilege
It is a 20-year residency scheme under the Thailand Elite Residency Visa. Thailand is offering luxurious lounges, special VIP express airport services, and airport transfers, with this exclusive elite program. Moreover, the government concierge services, hospitality services for golf, spa treatments, and an annual health check-up adds to facilities. These are available for an onetime fee of $60,000, combined with a $ 600 yearly payment.

Elite Privilege Access
It is a 10-year residency scheme, specially designed for a family application. This beneficial program encompasses facilities like government concierge services, transport services, and VIP express airport services. The availability of this elite privilege will depend on paying a fee of $30,000. Each dependent applicant has to pay an additional USD 22,500.

Elite Easy Access
It is a 5-year residency program under Thailand Elite Residency Visa, allowing the smooth and problem-free entrance of the ex-pats or business people in Thailand. You need to spend onetime payment of around $15,000. No annual fee is required. You can upgrade to the Elite Ultimate Privilege option by spending $45,000 (approx).

Eligibility Criteria for Thailand Elite Residency Visa:
One may fulfill specific eligibility criteria to avail of the benefits of the Thailand elite residency visa. The applicants must be free of any kind of bankruptcy or imprisonment. He/She must hold a foreign passport and be allowed to stay in Thailand according to the immigration laws.

Among all countries in South East Asia, Thailand is the only land that embraces foreigners to live in and enjoy multiple advantages through its immigration program. The Thailand Elite Residency visa is a good option for foreigners who have a plan to stay in Thailand for an extended period. Approval of Thai Elite Visa can be received within one month of submission of application.