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Author Topic: TnC.Kuku Personal Leave, CSGO F2P Backlash More Hackers?, Mobile Legends Winter  (Read 1503 times)


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Weekly Gaming Update by Pinoy Gamer! Lets talk about TnC Kuku's Personal Leave after getting banned by Valve on attending Chongqing Major, CSGO F2P Hacker Backlash, Mobile Legends Winter Gala, Rules of Survival Ultra feature breakdown, PUBGM Vikendi, Black Desert Online Battle Royale and Monster Hunter Iceborn.

TnC Kuku Personal Leave
- TnCs Kuku is taking a personal leave after being banned from attending the Chongqing Major by Valve
- TnCs has called up Ryo Hasegawa or ryoyr as their current stand in
- To those who don't know Kuku was banned because of the racist slur her used against a Chinese Player during a PUB match which got worst when a TnC manager covered up for the incident
- Due to this events the chinese dota 2 community outraged to the point they review bomb dota 2 in steam
- To make matters worse the Chinese government stepped in making sure TnC KuKu and Skem of complexity gaming are banned not only from the game but also from entering China
- This divided the Dota 2 community siting that the ban was unfairly imposed which resulted on several shoutcasters boycotting events held in China
- TnC also published a statement on how they would handle the situation citing that they would impose a 50% salary deduction to Kuku and the TnC Manager
- and partial earnings will be donated to an anti racism org
- Then to lessen the drama Valve finally steps in, where they officially banned Kuku from Chongqing Major
- So with all this drama Carlo Palad or Kuku has announced he is taking a personal leave
- TnC also assured the community that Kuku is still part of their roster

CSGO F2P Hacker Backlash
- Recently Valve announced Counter Strike Global Offensive will be free to play and additionally will include a new battle royale mode
- Then players who previously purchased the game will receive a loyalty badge and a prime upgrade
- However this want met with open arms with the Philippine CSGO community
- as they exclaim toxic and cancer players will ruin the game and they want CSGO to be a pay to play game again
- however the biggest gripe is that since the game is now free to play
- the cheaters and hackers has also increased
- since if you get vac banned you can just create a new steam account and start all over again

RoS Ultra
- Rules of Survival just got a huge upgrade called RoS Ultra
- The Ultra version of Rules of Survival will have enhanced models which introduce HD graphics
- they are also a day and night cycle which adds a real time light effect giving extra details
- The devs also added a new weather system as the game will now have fog, sunny, and rainy weather
- The games animation have also been improved so interacting with in game objects like doors and vehicles would be more fluid

Mobile Legends Winter Gala
- Mobile Legends Winter Gala is coming this December 22
- Mobile Legend will be giving away free skins which includes the Season 10 skins
- Then on December 22 all heroes will be free to access, sadly it's only  for this day
- The game will also be bringing back its battle royale called the Xmas Survival Mode
- but this time the map is Christmas themed with snows and gifts
- A new skin for Zilong and Freya called Christmas carnival will also be available on December 20

Black Desert Online Battle Royale
- Pearly Abyss announced the Black Desert Online will have its own Battle Royale mode called Shadow Arena
- this mode was announced on their community event called Festa
- In this mode players starts as Black Spirits that requires them to find fallen adventurer's to possess
- Players can earn equipments and skills by destroying crates or deating mobs

PUBG Mobile Vikendi
- Recently PUBG revealed its Vikendi map for desktops users
- but now it's rumored that PUBG Mobile might be getting Vikendi this month
- Its speculated around December 20 according to the leaks which where obtained by XDA developers on a PUBG M patch note

Monster Hunter Iceborn
- Capcom revealed its new Monster Hunter expansion called Iceborn
- This massive new expansion will feature whole new locations, new monsters, and new equipments
- Monster Hunter World: Iceborn will also have its own story that takes place after the events of the main game
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Very helpfull tips ❤️❤️❤️


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Wow bat ngayon ko lang nakita to. Very useful information! :)


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i love FPS games
thx to msi