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Author Topic: MSI x PC Express Clearance Sale 2018  (Read 2074 times)

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MSI x PC Express Clearance Sale 2018
« on: October 04, 2018, 12:56:35 PM »

PC EXPRESS Gilmore Plus and MSI Notebook Philippines will be having a Clearance sale this October 5 - 7, 2018. There are a lot of activities and prizes awaits. There is a Tekken 7 Daily Mini Tournament, Free Laptop Cleaning and a chance to win a Gaming Laptop in Raffle Draw!! See the all the Details Below.

Christmas comes early at MSI Clearance Sale
in PC Express Gilmore

Manila, Philippines  October, 2018 MSI, the world leader in gaming hardware, will be having an early Christmas promotion with their upcoming Clearance Sale at PC Express Gilmore branch this October 5-7, 2018.
The products that will be on sale are all MSI Gaming Notebooks. Here are some of the models that you can expect at the 3-day Sale.

Aside from a 3-day sale with discounts and freebies, visitors can also enjoy playing games on MSI laptops. Recently launched new games will be available for free play like NBA 2K18, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Monster Hunter, Forza and updated Tekken 7; with the returning characters, Anna Williams and Lei Wu Long.

This event would not be complete without a tournament. Visitors and customers can participate in the daily mini tournaments of Tekken 7 and win MSI prizes.

Want to double your freebies or get a FREE laptop? Good news! All customers who will purchase during the 3-day sale will have a chance to own another MSI laptop for free. Customers just need to register their receipts online.

Prizes to be raffled includes:
-       6 sets of Camo Bundle
-       4 pcs of P5,000 worth of Discount Voucher
-       1 pc MSI Gaming Laptop

Total of 11 winners.

There will be a raffle draw every day to determine the *11 Lucky Entries who will get the chance to win the prizes. Awarding of winners will be on the last day of the event at 3:30 PM. *owners of the lucky entries must be present during the grand raffle draw. (visit link below for complete mechanics)

While for those who already own an MSI laptop, you might also want to visit the event to have your laptop cleaned for free. There will be a Free Cleaning on October 6 & 7. Terms and Conditions apply.

MSI Clearance Sale Daily Schedule:
October 5 and 6: 9AM-8:PM
October 7: 9AM-6PM



Rules and Mechanics:

1. Must be registered in the registration booth located at the PC Express booth

2. Maximum of 16 players

(Tournament call time is 1PM everyday for October 5, 6, and 7)

3. Best of 3 for all matches

4. Players must possess a good level of sportmanship

5. There are provided controllers available, you can use your own preference, upon using your own equipment if there is something broken when using said equipment, the person who used the said equipment shall be liable.

6. Failure to awknowledge of being present when called 3 times will be considered "bye"

7. Damage to any Equipments and products done intentionally will be charged accordingly to the one inflicted such damage.
The organizer may change or alter rules and on the mechanics without further notice.

8. For every first round of each match, both players may come to a agreement regarding sides.

9. For Every first round of each match, both players can choose a character, but upon winning the first round of the match, the winner will be considered "Character lock" meaning he/she cannot change his character prior to the past round. While the loser has the power to change his/her character and the match area.


1. Buy any MSI Gaming Laptop from October 5-7, 2018 at the PC Express Gilmore Plus Branch
2. Register your receipt online

1. Promo runs from October 5-7, 2018 or during the MSI Warehouse Sale V 2.0 at the PC Express Gilmore Plus and Warehouse branch.
2. Promo is available to all customers who will purchase any MSI Gaming Laptop during the 3-day Sale
3. The participant must fill out the online raffle coupon with their name, complete address, Electronic Mail address, contact numbers and upload copy of receipt
4. MSI, PC Express, their Distributors and Partner Brands Officers, Employees, Agents, and their relatives up to the third civil degree of Consanguinity or Affinity are automatically disqualified.
5. Prizes for raffle are:
Grand Prize: (1) winner of MSI GL62M 7RD-092PH = 47,995
Major Prizes: (4) winners of MSI Gift Voucher worth PHP 5,000 = 20,000
Minor Prizes: (5) winners of CAMO Pack (MSI Camo Backpack, MSI Tumbler, MSI Dogtag, MSI Mousepad) = 25,000
- All prizes are VAT Inclusive
6. All prizes are not convertible to cash, and to any MSI product or products that PC Express offers.

1. Online Raffle will be drawn every day at 7PM to determine lucky entries that will win the raffle prizes during the Grand Draw on October 7 at 7:30PM.
Initial Draw for 11 Lucky Entries
October 5, 2018 4 Lucky Entries from customers who purchased from 9AM to 7PM

Deadline of submission of entries for October 5,2018 is at 7PM

October 6, 2018 4 Lucky Entries from customers who purchased from 7PM on October 5 to 7PM of October 6

Deadline of submission of entries for October 6, 2018 is at 7PM

October 7 3 Lucky Entries from customers who purchased from 7PM on October 6 to 1:30PM of October 7

Deadline of submission of entries for October 7, 2018 is at 1:30PM

*Note that after the draw, non-winning entries will still be included up until the raffle draw on October 7, 2018 at 1:30PM*

Grand Raffle Draw
October 7 Winners of Grand, Major and Minor Prizes

Grand Raffle Draw is at 3:30PM on October 7, 2018

*Lucky entries winners must be present during the Grand Raffle Draw. If winner or winners fail to attend the Grand Raffle Draw, MSI and PC Express may opt to draw another lucky entry or entries whose owner(s) are present during the Grand Raffle Draw.

2. The Grand Raffle Draw on October 7 will determine the prizes for each of the 11 Lucky Entries.
3. All 11 Lucky Entries are individually unique. No 2 or more entries with the same owner will be qualified.
4. Grand Raffle Draw will be made at exactly 3:30PM by an MSI or PC Express authorized representative
5. Draw will be held at the PC Express Gilmore Plus Branch at Aurora Building, Gilmore Avenue cor. Aurora Blvd, Brgy. Valencia, New Manila Quezon City.
6. Winners will be notified via, Electronic mail, and Text massages.
7. Prizes can be claimed on the same day of the Grand Raffle Draw or within 60 days from the date the winner received the registered mail and text message by PC Express. Otherwise, prizes shall be forfeited.
- Prizes can be claimed at PC Express Gilmore Plus Branch
- In claiming the prizes, the participant should present two (2) valid identification cards with photo and signature and their claiming stub. In case the winner cannot claim the prize himself, an authorized representative must present a written power of attorney alongside with a photocopy of a signature and photo bearing I.D. of the winner.
8. The decision with regards to the selection of winners shall be final.
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Re: MSI x PC Express Clearance Sale 2018
« Reply #1 on: October 15, 2018, 03:06:19 PM »

Nice event


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Re: MSI x PC Express Clearance Sale 2018
« Reply #2 on: October 24, 2018, 11:54:14 AM »

very nice