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Title: Remarks Of Product Warranty Term
Post by: MSI Notebook Administrator on October 08, 2018, 06:14:05 PM
The warranty term differs from one region to another. If you would like to verify the warranty term of the product bought, please kindly contact our local offices.

MSI General Product Warranty Policy
*The information provided on this website is for information only. MSI seeks to provide accurate and timely information, nevertheless, there may be inadvertent technical or factual inaccuracies and typographical errors, for which we apologize. We reserve the right to make changes and corrections at any time without notice.



Warranty Exclusions

To Discern the Original Manufacturer Barcode


( Please find the model name from notebook backface )


Three steps for repairing
If you encounter any problem in product usage, we suggest you consult the following steps to quickly resolve the problem

(  Screen the problems by self-checking:

1. Please first review the User's Manual and the Software CD included with the Product:
The User's Manual and Software CD provided by MSI containing a lot of information about product usage. The manual we compose from user's perspective can answer many of your questions. If your manual was lost, you may download the manual you need from MSI website.

2. Visit MSI website for support:
MSI retains a group of customer service engineers with professional knowledge. You may post a message about the problem you encounter in MSI's Online Customer Service, and our engineers will try their best to answer your question concerning product usage immediately. Or you may look for FAQ in the website to see whether there is any solution for similar problems.

( Seek support from the original store of purchase or distributor of the Product:

If you cannot seek any solution for the problem from the above methods, you may seek support from the original store of purchase or distributor, because the original store of purchase should best know your system configuration and specifications, and can provide you with any necessary resource and service.

( Bring the Product to the authorized service center for maintenance

If your product has been determined by the MSI engineer or store as problematic or defective in hardware, and may incur the need for replacement of parts, you may bring the Product for repair along with the warranty card, purchase invoice or receipt to the MSI-authorized service center closest to your location for assistance, or entrust the original store of purchase to send the Product for repair on your behalf. However, the customer must properly pack the Product when sending it for repair, to avoid further damage in the course of shipping.