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 on: May 28, 2020, 05:37:42 PM 
Started by jeyemdelacruz - Last post by jeyemdelacruz
I already fill out the form they gave on how to claim but its already 1 week no update or reply on process how to claim my swc, Anyone knows other way to claim my swc? already sent a web ticket on msi but still no reply.

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 on: May 20, 2020, 06:28:07 PM 
Started by ahmadabi786 - Last post by ahmadabi786
People say that time is money. But I believe that time is more than money. Because no matter how rich you get, but you can never bring back your past. Therefore, I believe that we should not waste our time because once the time is gone, we cannot bring it back even if we wish...motivational story

 on: May 20, 2020, 06:21:35 PM 
Started by ahmadabi786 - Last post by ahmadabi786
Skincare advice
With the increasing awareness about the beauty and cosmetic products, Indian women are becoming more
conscious about their skin and look. Women are spending a lot on beauty products, yet somehow they are not
completely satisfied with their purchases. With a perfect blend of artificial intelligence and augmented reality,
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"Innovation in beauty" is what runs in Miraah's DNA and there is a lot more that it brings to the table.

 on: May 20, 2020, 06:17:48 PM 
Started by MSI Notebook Administrator - Last post by imrozkhan8295
Young students can use the Boogie Board to draw pictures, play games, arithmetic calculations. So, this low-priced writing tablet is also a good gift idea to encourage students for education. And finally, there are a few cons. First of all, you can not record your notes as in serious notepads such as Solidtek best digital notepad. Second, some people can not enjoy the small screen size.

 on: May 20, 2020, 06:15:27 PM 
Started by ahmadabi786 - Last post by ahmadabi786
Juno Email is one of the most popularly being used internet service providers which aims at connecting more and more people through its emailing services and that too free of cost. Millions of worldwide users use this email facility for sending and receiving emails and for other communication purposes.
Other salient features that make it worthy to use are it's Inbox Auto-refresh feature, instant messaging compatibility, access to webmail, etc. Also, it allows the Juno account holders to use more than one email account. In Juno's email, the users can attach multiple attachments at a time.

 on: May 11, 2020, 11:49:14 AM 
Started by Akira.MSI - Last post by Akira.MSI

Connecting a gaming laptop to an external monitor does increase FPS in some instances and we will discuss why and how to properly set it up in this article. Most modern gaming laptops are using NVIDIA Optimus which makes use of the processors lower-powered integrated graphics to send the display signal to the laptop screen to improve battery life.

The discrete NVIDIA GPU usually sits idle when no GPU intensive tasks are running. But when you run a game, the NVIDIA discrete GPU will be used to render the frames.

In a gaming laptop that uses NVIDIA Optimus, the discrete GPU sends this output to the lower-powered integrated graphics which can result in a bottleneck and lower gaming performance, depending on the game and its graphical settings.

Most MSI Gaming laptops have the option to disable the lower-powered integrated graphics via software, or sometimes, it has a hardware switch that allows you to switch between integrated and discrete graphics like the MSI GT75 Titan.

One way to bypass the integrated graphics is by closing the laptop lid and using an external monitor, or by changing your display settings to only use the external monitor so that the IGPU will not be active while gaming.
We tested this Counter Strike: Global Offensive using an MSI GE75 Raider with a Core i7-9750H and NVIDIA RTX 2070 and the results are promising.

Comparing the performance on using the laptop screen vs an external screen (laptop screen disabled), we saw a 25% increase in FPS performance on CS:GO in 1080p high settings. While playing on the laptop screen, we got an average of 292 FPS while on the other hand, playing on the external monitor with the laptop lid closed gave us an average of 366 FPS.
You can try what works for you as results can vary with different MSI Gaming laptops, as well as with different games.  Hopefully, this quick article gave you an idea of how you can increase FPS with something as simple as using an external monitor.

 on: April 30, 2020, 05:05:37 AM 
Started by MSI Notebook Administrator - Last post by tomscott3765
Hi, Can this process also be used if i want to upgrade the hard drive? Once i put in a new Hard Drive, can i boot from the restore thumbdrive i created and get windows 10 onto the new drive? My GE63 Raider RGB 8RF has a  256 gig SSD NVMe (C:\ drive) and a 1tb hard drive (D:\ drive) . It is the C:\ drive i want to replace with a larger NVMe.

Thank you.

 on: April 29, 2020, 01:35:49 PM 
Started by Akira.MSI - Last post by Akira.MSI

Game streaming has become popular where gamers can build a community of fanbase to share their gameplay with on different platforms. Thanks to NVIDIAs constant improvement with NVENC, streaming has been made so much easier using NVIDIA hardware that is packed on MSI Gaming laptops. 

With that, NVIDIA has a guide on how to set up your live stream and how to get started with game streaming using Open Broadcaster Software.
The objective of this guide is to help you understand how to use the NVIDIA encoder, NvEnc, in OBS. We have simplified some of the concepts to make this accessible to a wider audience. If you think we can improve any part of this guide or find any issues or mistakes, please post below and we will be happy to update it.


Encoding is all about compressing images. The smaller the size of the image, the less we must compress it and the more quality it keeps. While the same applies for framerate, a viewer can really notice a drop in FPS but not so much in resolution, so we will always try to stream at 60 FPS.

First, run a speed test to determine your upload speed (e.g. Speed Test). We want to use around 75% of your upload speed, as the game and other programs such as Discord will also fight for bandwidth.

Then, we will determine the resolution and FPS that we can use for such bitrate. Most streaming sites have recommendations (Twitch, Mixer,Youtube) on what to use. 

You can refer to this for upload speed:

Upload Speed




3 Mbps




4 Mbps




6 Mbps




8-10 Mbps


1920x1080 *


12+ Mbps

10,000 (Mixer)



15+ Mbps

12,000 (Youtube)



20+ Mbps

15,000+ (Youtube)



40+ Mbps

30,000+ (Youtube)




These are our recommended settings for OBS Studio 23.0 and up. Youll want to test and adjust these settings using a private account where you can verify youre happy with the results.


Base (Canvas) Resolution: Set the resolution you normally play at. That is, your desktop resolution (if you play in borderless mode), or the game resolution you normally enter (if you play in full screen).
Output (Scaled) Resolution: Enter the resolution appropriate for your Upload Speed and Bitrate, as we discussed in the previous section.
Downscale Filter: This allows you to select a downscale filter that will provide a small image sharpness enhancement, at the cost of some encoder workload. NvEnc is very efficient and typically runs at low utilization, so we recommend using this with the Lanczos, 32 samples option for the best quality.

FPS: Enter the FPS appropriate for your Upload Speed and Bitrate, as we discussed in the previous section.


For an easy, out of the box configuration, then do the following:

Output Mode: Simple


Bitrate: Enter the Bitrate appropriate for your Upload Speed, as we discussed in the previous section.

Encoder: Select Hardware NVIDIA NVENC (new).

Enable Advanced Encoder Settings: Checked. This makes the next option visible.

Encoder Preset: Max Quality. If you are streaming 4K resolution on an RTX 20-Series, you will want to reduce this to Quality, as the RTX cards already run image optimizations that previous generations do not.


Recording Path: This is the directory where the videos will be saved. Make sure the hard drive you select has enough space!

Recording Quality: High Quality typically works for most users, but you can change this to Indistinguishable Quality if you have enough disk space or are going to do short videos (about 60 seconds).

Recording Format: FLV or MKV.

Encoder: Hardware (NVIDIA NVENC).

 on: April 22, 2020, 12:35:37 AM 
Started by ransuer - Last post by ransuer
well since that's the case I'll just have to wait for the ecq to be lifted I guess 😢😢😢 
I was hoping that I'd be locked up in my room playing games on my laptop
thank you for the reply stay safe and god bless y'all

 on: April 20, 2020, 02:09:13 AM 
Started by ransuer - Last post by Akira.MSI
Hi, unfortunately we'll have to wait for the ECQ to end so that the offices will open. RMA will have to take a look at it/

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