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Awesome , Laptop, Super Powerful, even though its not a mechanical keyboard the steel series is nice though and gives a similar feel. Tons of LED customizable zones and options, as well as much brighter LED than my R4. A bit pricey but I travel a lot and needed a full on portable desktop style laptop. This more than meets those requirements. The maximum in the 4K May say 60fps but I have seen my Nvidia FPS overlay show up to 80 or better playing MWF Black Ops and as high as 180 in 2K. The fans get a bit loud but are necessary for the hear this monster puts out. Overall great performance and no overheating issues even at hours of gaming. Very pricey but like it said in the description for gaming notebook enthusiasts. Might seem heavy to some but Im used to carrying around my Alienware R4 17 and is basically the same. Solid construction on the body as well.

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