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Forum Info & News corner / Success
« on: May 20, 2020, 06:28:07 PM »
People say that time is money. But I believe that time is more than money. Because no matter how rich you get, but you can never bring back your past. Therefore, I believe that we should not waste our time because once the time is gone, we cannot bring it back even if we wish...motivational story

Forum Info & News corner / Skincare
« on: May 20, 2020, 06:21:35 PM »
Skincare advice
With the increasing awareness about the beauty and cosmetic products, Indian women are becoming more
conscious about their skin and look. Women are spending a lot on beauty products, yet somehow they are not
completely satisfied with their purchases. With a perfect blend of artificial intelligence and augmented reality,
Miraah liberates you from all the hassles of online buying and provides you with customized product
recommendations to suit your needs. Miraah is a perfect guide to enhance your skin and beauty regimen.

"Innovation in beauty" is what runs in Miraah's DNA and there is a lot more that it brings to the table.

Forum Info & News corner / Jono email
« on: May 20, 2020, 06:15:27 PM »
Juno Email is one of the most popularly being used internet service providers which aims at connecting more and more people through its emailing services and that too free of cost. Millions of worldwide users use this email facility for sending and receiving emails and for other communication purposes.
Other salient features that make it worthy to use are it's Inbox Auto-refresh feature, instant messaging compatibility, access to webmail, etc. Also, it allows the Juno account holders to use more than one email account. In Juno's email, the users can attach multiple attachments at a time.

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